William Batten born c1845 at Nanty Glyn, Denbighshire

1851 details to follow

The 1861 census shows that William then aged 17 and working as a Skinner was living at home with his parents and brothers and sisters.  (See 1861 census main page for further details). 

1871 census William living at home in Willow Street with his mother two brothers and two sisters. (See Mary Batten 1871 referred to in the census on main page for further details). Source: RG10/2782, folio 33, page 3.

William married in Qtr 3 Jul/Aug/Sep 1871 to Margaret Rogers in Oswestry. They had a very short life together and it would appear they had three children all girls.  The first daughter Harriet was born c1873, Mary born c1875 and Jane was born the year her mother died in 1878.  Margaret died at the age of 33 at Oswestry; at this stage I have no burial details.  Source of Margaret's death: GRO Vol: 6a, page 631.

In 1881 the census shows that William is living with his mother Mary as Head of the family and his three daughters, Harriet aged 8, Mary aged 6, and Jane aged 3.  The address the family were living at was 1 Chapel Street, Oswestry and William's occupation was given as Skinner.

The family address in 1891 was given as 1 Cripplegate, William's mother Mary as Head of the family aged 75 and William aged 46, occupation Skinner.  The only child living at home was Jane aged 13.  At this stage I have not followed the other two daughters Harriet and Mary.

By the 1901 census William's mother Mary had died and he was still working as a Skinner only on this census the word 'Fur' is next to Skinner.  William aged 56, his daughter Jane aged 23, where living at home, they had moved to Lorne Street Oswestry.  This is interesting because William's sister Bess (Elizabeth) was living either next door but one or across the road with her children and her husband William Groves.  This leads me to assume that this part of the family were quite close.

William died Qtr 2 Apr/May/Jun 1907 aged 62.  At this time I have no burial details. 

Ellen Batten born c1844 Denbigh, possibly Henllan Street.  On the 1851 census Ellen was aged 4 and a scholar, the family address Henllan Street, Denbigh.  (See main page for family details).  Ellen's age on the 1851 and 1861 show a three year difference.  The 1861 census show Ellen aged 17 and working as a servant at the White Lion Inn, Willow Street.  Edward Edwards is the Inn Keeper aged 34, his wife Catherine Edwards aged 24 and Charles Lamb aged 16, a servant.

By the 1871 census Ellen aged 25 had married Edward Humphreys and they where living at Pool Road, Oswestry.  Edward's worked as a Stone Mason he was aged 29.  The couple had one son Thomas aged 1 month.  I believe Ellen and Edward married in 1865 but as yet have no further details.

Ellen and Edward had a very short life together, Ellen died on 31st March 1876 at 1 Parry's Buildings Oswestry, aged 30 of Ovarian disease.  This address we now know was her mother's home.  Her husband Edward registered her death and his address was given at Nant Mawr, Trefonen which is near Oswestry.

Edward died four months later on the 25th July 1876 of TB at Upper Church Street Oswestry.  His death was registered by my Great Grandmother x 2 Elizabeth Jones who was in attendance at his death and her address was given as 1 Parry's Buildings, Oswestry. 

Ellen and Edward had at least three children and it would appear that the youngest John was brought up by Edward's parents.  The other children were not so lucky and ended up in the workhouse at Oswestry. (Details to follow)

The source for most of the information on Ellen and Edward comes from Julia who is a direct descendent, her Great Grandfather was Thomas Humphreys, their first child.  Thank you Julia for your help, it is greatly appreciated.

Elizabeth Batten (see main page)

Edward Batten born c1851 on the 1861 census he was living at home with his parents and siblings (see main page) and he was aged 9.  The 1871 census show that Edward then aged 19 was working as a Skinner and living at home with his mother, Brother John and Sisters Anne and Jane.  What is interesting here is that I can not find Edward at this time on the 1881 census; he might have married and had at least two children.  Looking at the Shropshire Burial Index there are two children who died, John Edward Batten who died aged 9 months who died 1868 and Edward Batten aged 10 weeks, 1875.  The Shropshire Burial Index refers to both the children as the daughters (yes you have read that right) of Edward Batten of Parry's Buildings.  This poses the following questions.

1.  Did Edward marry and to who?

2.  Did Edward have any more children?

3   Why did he die at his mother's house in 1885?  See his obituary next.

Death announcement in the Advertizer for 4th November 1885 reads as follows: 'October 29, aged 35, at his mother's house, Mrs, Mary Batten, Cripple Gate-street, Castle Fields, Edward, second son of the late John Batten, skinner, Oswestry formerly of Henllan-street, Denbigh.

Mary Batten

Anne Batten

Jane Batten

John Batten born c1860, John appears on the 1861 census born in Oswestry and aged 10 months.  The 1871 census shows he was aged 11 and living at home with his mother Mary, his brother Edward and sisters Anne and Jane.  At this time I have not found John on the 1881 census however, from his death notice in the Oswestry Advertizer he had become a Pte in the 43rd Regiment from the notice it would appear that he had not married nor had children.  John died at home at his mother's.

Death announcement in the Advertizer for 22nd September 1886 reads as follows: 'September 25, aged 26 at 1, Parry's-buildings, Cripple-gate Street, Castle Fields, Oswestry, Private John Batten, 43rd Regiment, third son of the late John and Mary Batten, Oswestry, formerly of Denbigh'.  John was buried at Oswestry Cemetery 25th September 1886 aged 26, on the burial records occupation at the time of death was shown as Skinner.  He is buried in Grave P in P, 2nd interment; as far as I can tell at this stage he is buried with his brother and his mother Mary.  Source for burial details Shropshire Burials Index Edition 4 produced by Shropshire Family History Society


The Batten family


Page under reconstruction 


Welcome to my Batten Family 


My Direct Maternal Line 


William Batten buried 23rd August 1795 


Edward Batten c1780- 4th January 1849 


John Batten c1816 - 3rd March 1866 


Elizabeth Batten 25th March 1849 - 2nd February 1929 


This is the part of my family whose name was often mentioned by my Nan but as I have said on previous pages my Nan was a great story teller.  Whilst I have been able to prove most of the stories on the Groves family that she told me, the stories on the Batten's have been far more difficult to prove.  Supposedly there was a German link and a royalty link.  The most far fetched link is that the family invented the 'dummy tit' but then did they have a connection?  The men on my side of the family worked as Skinners’ and my research found that some of the earliest dummies were made out of leather.  Therefore, I do not think they invented them but did they possibly help to manufacture them.  Or maybe not!! 


The Batten family possibly arrived in Denbighshire around the 1770's the first documentation I could find was for 1778.  At this time I can not find where the Batten family originated from there is no mention of the family in the Baptism Register for Denbigh parishes from 1703-1739, neither have I found a mention in the parish registers of marriages between 1739-1753 nor the burial registers between 1739-1773.  Source: Registers produced by Clwyd Family History Society Vol. 2(1) and Vol. 4. 


Further confusion arises because the surname Batten has been transcribed as Ballen, Battin; Batting; Barton; Baton, Bolten and Beaton.  To add to the confusion Wm Batten, Wesleyan Minister is recorded on his obituary and in the Denbigh records as being the son of "William Beaton" and I now have more questions than answers, can anyone help?




When did the Battens come in to Wales? 


Where did they come from?  Family researchers who have been doing this longer than I have suggested the Batten’s might have come from Cornwall.  However, there are at least four other researchers who now vaguely remember a German link, none of us can be sure and we are all now wishing we had paid more attention as children.


William Batten who was buried on 23rd August 1795 his burial is recorded in Volume 8 of Denbigh Parish Registers; Burials 1790-1800, produced by Clwyd Family History Society.  My family researchers know that he was married to an Arabella Jones (known as Bella).  At this time I do not know when they married and as far as I am aware they both came from Denbigh.  It is looking as if Arabella was not his first wife; this is because the Rev. William’s mother was shown as Rebecck, this is how it is spelt in the records.  At this time I have no idea what happened to Rebecck, the Rev. William’s mother, unless 'Becck' became 'Bella', as suggested by Carol one of the other Batten family researchers.  It this an explanation or speculation I way at this time neither of us have any proof . 


William was recorded in 1779 on the Rev. William's baptism record as being William Beaton but his burial record shows him as William Batten.  William's occupation on both records was shown as Skinner. 


To the best of my knowledge William had four traceable children some of which have been quite a surprise.   Why do I think there might have been more?  (Explanation soon)


Followers of my website will know that I tend to follow a direct line however, with the help of other family researchers I have found that Rev. William Batten 1778 the eldest son of William was my great-uncle x 4 and he and his son Thomas c1720 were Wesleyan Ministers.  William was a Minister between 1804 - 1864 and Thomas 1845 - 1857. 


I still have further research to do here and as these two were interesting and reasonably well documented I decided to follow them as well as my direct line through Edward Batten c1780.  Source:  Thank you to Paul, Cath and Julia for your help and suggestions.


William Batten (also recorded as Beaton) died 23rd August 1795 and Arabella died 27th March 1815 both died at Denbigh.  Arabella was shown on the records as Bella.    Source IGI


1.  William Batten 1778 – 1st September 1864 the eldest son of William and because there is a lot of information on his life from the time he became a Wesleyan Minister I have given him his own page.  William's baptism on the 16th February 1779 shows that he was the son of William Beaton, occupation Skinner and his mother's name shown as Rebecck.  Source: Vol 5 Denbigh Parish Records; Baptisms 1774-1790 produced by Clwyd Family History Society


2.  Edward Batten 1780 - 1864 my great-grandfather x 4 was the second son of William Batten.  Scroll down for his history. 


3.  Mary Batten c1782 - 1816 at this time appears to be the only daughter of William and Arabella.  No further details at this time and not likely to follow this line. 


4.  Thomas born 22nd November 1783 - 15th November 1810 the youngest son of William Beaton and Arabells  (nee Jones).  Thomas was baptised 30th November 1783 this baptism was recorded in volume 5 of the Denbigh Parish Registers 1774 - 1790. 


On October 3rd 1803 Thomas married Elizabeth Pughe.  The record reads:  Thomas Barton (Skinner) "b otp" (banns of this parish) a bachelor Sig: Batten, s/o William Barton, dec, by Bella h/w formerly Jones and Elizabeth Pughe d/o Thos. Pughe, Weaver spinster otp by Mary h/w formerly Davies.  Witnesses were John Bartley and Isaac James.  Source for date of death IGI


We now move on to Edward Batten and my direct line. 


Edward Batten the second son of William and Arabella and my Great Grandfather x 4 born 1780 - 1849, married Elizabeth Evans 23rd April 1803, by banns.  They both at the time of marriage where living in Denbigh the records show Edward as Edward Barton however, he signed his signature at Edward Batten.  Witnesses were John Henshaw and Isaac James.  Elizabeth and Edward had 7 children.  As with all family history, research dates and places can differ from one record to another.  Elizabeth Evans died in 1837 and Edward Batten remarried in Newtown Montgomeryshire Anne Oliver.  Source GRO: Qtr 4 1839, Vol; 27, Page 193.


Finally I have sent for Edward Batten's marriage details to Ann Oliver his second wife as follows:


10th November 1839 by Banns in the Parish Church, Newtown, Montgomeryshire according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England.


Edward Batten full age Widower, Skinner, Bank, Newtown, Father William Batten, Skinner.


Ann Oliver, Spinster, Servant. Church Square, Newtown, Father Richard Oliver, Labourer.


Edward signed his name Ann used her 'mark', witnesses John Davies and ---- C. Horton


As a point of interest Isaac James shown as one of the witnesses at Edward's marriage and mentioned in Ancient and Modern Denbigh, page 300 as one of the clerks who would not receive any fees, but would receive "offerings", or gratuities from parties attending, funerals, marriages and churching’s.  The dissenters however, had a conscientious objection to give offerings at funerals, because they believed this to be a remnant of a Popish custom of paying the priest for the release of a departed soul out of purgatory. 


Anne Oliver, Edward's second wife was born 28th February 1811 at Newtown and was baptised 19th March 1811, her parents were Richard and Jane.  Source:  Montgomeryshire Baptisms provider


1841 Census for Wales

Edward and Ann are on the 1841 census for Wales living at Gas Street, Newtown, he was aged 60 and his occupation Skinner and Anne is aged 30.  Note their surname spelt Batton.  Source: RG HO107, piece 40, folio 1/51, page 30


Children of Edward and Elizabeth (nee Evans)


William c1804 eldest son of Edward and Elizabeth


Edward c1806 - 12th November 1808 


Thomas c1810 – 1858 I have researched Thomas but as yet have not had time to add his details here. 


Edward 1813 


John baptised 12th May 1817 - buried 3rd March 1866 my Great Grandfather x 3 scroll down for further details. 


Elizabeth c1820 born Denbigh, I believe Elizabeth moved to Newtown with her father after her mother's death.  On 31st August 1846, Elizabeth a servant, married John Evans, widower whose occupation was Tin-man the son of Daniel Evans cutter.  My thanks to Joan and Derrick for this information.  GRO source; Volume 27, page 79.


James was baptised 28th February 1822 at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in the Parish of Denbigh.  The records shows that his family where living at Henllan Street Henllan and his father's occupation was a Glover.  Sadly James died in 1829.  Source: TNA ref: RG4/Piece/ 3776/ Folio 0


I am not aware at this time that Edward and his second wife Anne had any children.  Edward died 4th January 1849 and Anne registered his death the address given as Bank Cottage Newtown.


Below is a photograph of Bank Cottage and I understand that Edward and Anne lived at the last cottage.  My thanks to Joan and Derrick for sending the photograph and details of Edward's death.




The above is a brief guide to how I arrived at my direct line and hopefully I will be able to add more information at a later date.  


John and Mary Batten (nee Evans) 


John my great grandfather x 3 c1817 married Mary Evans 25th December 1843 at the Chapel of St. Hilary in the parish of Denbigh by Banns according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England.  Both were of full age, John a Bachelor and Mary a Spinster.  Residence at the time of marriage for both of them was given as Denbigh.  John's occupation then a Skinner his father Edward was also a Skinner.  Mary's father John Evans was a Labourer.  Their witnesses were William Jones and Anne Jones who both signed their names.  However, John and Mary signed by their mark, what is interesting here is that on the marriage certificate Mary Evans's name appears but it is written as the mark of Mary Jones.  Not sure how to explain that one, unless the registrar got mixed up with the witnesses names.


I do not have the whereabouts of either John or Mary for 1841 at this time, for details of John and Mary's children see right hand column. 


The 1851 census shows the family living at Henllan Street, Denbigh.  John aged 35 and Mary aged 34 had three children at that time, William aged 6, a scholar, Ellinor aged 4, scholar and Elizabeth my great grandmother x 2 who was aged 2.  John's occupation recorded as Skinner.  They also had John's brother Edward living with them he was aged 38 and his occupation was a Slater.  Confusingly here Edward's birth place was given as Chatham Kent although on the later census documents his birth place was given as Denbigh. 


The 1861 census shows that the family had moved from Denbigh to Oswestry Shropshire and where living in Willow Street.  John aged 45 and occupation a Skinner, his wife Mary aged 44.  By this time John and Mary had seven children living at home, William aged 17, occupation Skinner, Elizabeth aged 12, Edward aged 9, Mary aged 7, Anne aged 5, all of whom were Scholars.  They had two other children Jane aged 3 and John aged 10 months.  The family had a boarder Henry Roberts whose occupation was also a Skinner and Edward Batten, John's brother aged 50 unmarried whose occupation was a Slater.  Ellinor had left home and was working and living at The White Lion Inn Willow Street. 


John Batten died aged 50, he was buried on the 3rd March 1866 at Oswestry Cemetery, his address at the time of his death was Willow Street Oswestry. 


The 1871 census England shows that Mary was the Head of the family and still living at Willow Street.  Her eldest son William aged 26 was unmarried and still working as a Skinner.  Edward the second eldest son was aged 19 and he was also a Skinner.  Mary still had two daughters living at home Anne aged 15 and Jane aged 13 and both were in school.  The youngest son John was aged 11 and also a scholar.  There is no mention of Edward on this census and at this time I have no idea what had happened to him.  Source: RG10/2782, folio 33, page 3.


The 1881 census for England shows that tragedy had struck the family, William had married in 1871 after the last census was taken however, his wife had died.  Mary was Head of the family aged 62 and William her eldest son was aged 36.  He had moved in with his mother and had his three children Harriett aged 8, Mary aged 6, and Jane aged 3.  William's occupation had not changed and he was still working as a Skinner.  The address the family where living at then 1 Chapel Street. 


The 1891 census for England shows the family address as 1 Cripplegate, William's mother Mary as Head of the family aged 75 and William aged 46, occupation Skinner.  The only child living at home with her grandmother and father was Jane aged 13.  At this stage I not know what has happened to William's other daughters Harriet and Mary.


I am assuming that Mary's age on the 1891 census was rounded up as burial notice shows her age as 74.  At the time of her death Mary's address was 1 Parry's Buildings, Castle Street Oswestry.  She was buried 27th October 1894 at Oswestry Cemetery, as far as I can tell she was not buried with her husband but with her two sons Edward who died aged 34 buried 31st October 1885 and John who was buried 26th September 1886 aged 26.  Source:  Shropshire Burials Index Edition 4


Elizabeth Batten my Great Grandmother is covered on the

Groves page therefore, I have only covered her briefly here.

Elizabeth was born 25th March 1849, at Henllan Street Denbigh, her birth certificate shows John her father's occupation as Skinner and her mother Mary Batten (nee Evans), her father signed by his 'mark'. 


In 1851 the census shows that Elizabeth aged 2 was living with her family at Henllan Street and between the date of the 1851 Census and the 1861 Census the family had moved from Henllan Street, Denbigh to Willow Street, Oswestry.  I am assuming this was a work related move.  In 1861 Elizabeth was aged 12 and living with her family.


Elizabeth married Thomas Jones on 13th November 1869 at the Register Office Oswestry both Thomas and Elizabeth where living in Willow Street at the time of their marriage and Elizabeth then aged 20.  Thomas's occupation then Railway Labourer his father was a Master Wheelwright.  They were married by certificate and their witnesses were David Morgan and Mary Morgan.  


1871 Census for England 


The 1871 census shows that Elizabeth and Thomas where living as Lodgers in Willow Street and on the census Elizabeth was shown as ‘Lodgers wife’.  Thomas’s occupation then a Mechanic he and Elizabeth had two children Mary Jane Jones and Thomas Isaac Jones at this time I have not looked into the chidren's births.  Unfortunately it was a short marriage as Thomas died at the age of 24 on 1st November 1874 his occupation at the time of his death was Engine Fitter.  Thomas died of Typhus Fever (Certified) at 1 Parry's Buildings, Oswestry and his wife Elizabeth registered his death on 2nd November 1874 and the record shows she was present at his death.  Interestingly here is that Elizabeth signed by her 'mark' but her marriage certificate suggests that she signed her name.


Further tragedy struck when Mary Jane died aged 8.  It is worth noting that Thomas Isaac is shown on several records as ‘Thomas J Jones’.  Reading Isaac Watkins’s book there is a sentence which refers to Parry's Building that reads: "The water was confined to a course until it reached the site of the Castle Hotel, where it broke lose so that the ground at the back of Parry's Buildings and Cripplegate was a swamp".  This water had run down from Selattyn road on to a mud pit by the Infant school.  This shows us that by today’s standards this was not a healthy place to live and would possibly of had some bearing on the Typhus Fever Thomas died of. 


On the 21st February 1880 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Oswestry, Elizabeth married William Groves her address at the time of her marriage given as 1 Parry’s Buildings Castle Street, Oswestry.  Elizabeth and William had three children of their own, John Robert c1881, Mary Jane born 11th February 1882 my grandmother and Joseph Edward Groves c1888.  Elizabeth’s son by Thomas Jones lived with his mother and stepfather at least until 1911.  My Nan, Mary Jane Groves was named after Elizabeth’s daughter who died but she was called Cissy by her brothers. 


Elizabeth’s life in Brief see the Groves page for more details. 


1881 residence 8 Chapel Street 


1891 residence 8 Cripplegate 


1901 residence 23 Lorne Street, her brother William lived either next door but one or across the road.


1911 residence 23 Lorne Street, Elizabeth and William had been married for 31 years, Elizabeth aged 61.  Her husband William also aged 61 and working as a Railway Labourer at the Railway Works.  Their son Robert Groves known as Bob aged 30 occupation Moulder 9Iron) working also at the Railway Works and their son Joseph known as Joe aged 24 was an Engine Fitter at the same place.  Thomas Isaac was listed as ‘stepson’, aged 38, single and his occupation Labourer (General).  The house they all lived in had four rooms, two up and two down and the house still stands today as we had a look at it in January 2009. 


Interestingly 24 Lorne Street was the address of my Nan and her husband Bill Francis and their children.  Both 23 and 24 are end terraces and across the road from one another. 


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