Bennion Deaths

These deaths can be found in the Oswestry Parish Records and as yet have not tied them directly to my family.  The first record shows the date of death and burial at Oswestry Cemetery.  The majority show that the deceased are buried at St. Oswalds Parish Church, Oswestry and these deaths are recorded here in alphabetical order.

Oswestry cemetery

Samuel Bennion born 1837, address at time of death The Llys, Oswestry, Maltster buried 9th January 1891 aged 54.

St Oswald's Parish Church

Still born Bennion of Llanvorda buried St. Oswald's Parish Church 22nd January 1671, child of Edward.

Ann wife of Thomas address Kynyion buried 3rd March 1734.

Dorothy wife of Thomas address Church Street, buried 18th March 1743, widow.

Edward son of Thomas, address Church Street, buried 21st August 1668.

Edward son of Edward, tailor, buried 8th December 1678.

Edward buried 20th June 1713.




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The portrait above is of the late Edward Bennion, it is a seated portrait of the Welsh Surgeon and the title inscription was in English and Welsh.  The artist was T. N. Henshaw and painted c1845.  Image courtesy of thank you to them for allowing me to us this on my website.  This is possibly Edward David Bennion.

Not sure at this moment in time where I am going with this page.  Alice Bennion through marriage to William Batten became my great aunt x 4 and followers of my website will know that normally I only follow a direct line.  However, the Bennion family from Oswestry were quite a substantial family and records go back as far as the 1500's therefore, with the interest I have in Oswestry and the information that is available I am going to see were this research takes me.

Edward Bennion and Mary Morris Bennion, I am assuming that Mary was Mary Morris before her marriage.  I have no details of their marriage.

Children of Edward Bennion and Mary Morris Bennion

1.   1671 birth of Thomas who was christened 10th December 1671 at Llanvorda, Nr. Oswestry, Shropshire.  Thomas was buried 16th January 1735 at the age of 64.

2.   1674 birth of John who was christened 31st May 1674 at Llanvorda.  John was buried 20th January 1727 aged 53.

3.   1676 birth of Roger who was christened 14th November 1674 at Llanvorda.  Roger died 13th January 1746 at the age of 72.

4.   1678 Edward Jr. born 13th November 1678 at Llanvorda and was buried 8th December 1678 at approximately three weeks old.

5.   1680 Morris Bennion who was christened 27th November 1681 Llanvorda.  Morris married Frances Martin on 10th August 1719.  He was buried at Llanvorda 30th July 1745 at the age of 65.

6.   1682 Edward Bennion who was christened 22nd November 1684 at Llanvorda and died 15th March 1685 at aapproximately 6 months old.

7.   1684 Edward Bennion who was christened 21st February 1685 at Llanvorda and died 13th October 1730 aged 46.

Source: IGI and  baptism records confirmed from Oswestry Parish records.

Not sure yet how the above fit in there is possibly a generation missing or Edward Bennion c1719 was the child of one of the above.  The Bennions from written about below lead directly to Alice Bennion who married William Batten who were my great-aunt and uncle x4.

Edward Bennion c1719

Edward Bennion c1719 married Elizabeth Lewis in the Parish of Hirnant by Licence on 12th December 1755.  The witnesses were Edward Thomas and John Lloyd.  Edward and Elizabeth had the following children:  Source: Montgomeryshire Parish Records, Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society.

Children of Edward Bennion and Elizabeth Lewis

1.   John Bennion, bastard son of Edward Bennion and Elizabeth Lewis of Kynynion baptised 16th January 1754 at Oswestry in Shropshire.

2.   Edward Bennion born 25th March 1757 and baptised 26th March 1757 at Oswestry.  This Edward also became a Surgeon scroll down for his family details, he died 31st July 1844 at the age of 87.

3.   Lucy Bennion born 25th September 1759 and baptised 19th October at Oswestry address given as Llanvorda.

4.   Richard Bennion born 14th March 1762 and baptised 16th March 1762 at Oswestry.

5.   Thomas Bennion born 28th April 1765 and baptised 3rd May 1765 at Oswestry.

6.   Elizabeth Bennion born 1768 and baptised 15th January 1768 at Oswestry and died 11th October 1771.

7.   Mary baptised 6th February 1773 at Oswestry.

All the above are shown to be the children of Edward and Elizabeth and some are shown to be born at Llanvorda.  I do know that the family lived at a properties called Cym y Bwch and Summer Hill, Llanvorda, Nr. Oswestry, Shropshire.  Source: Oswestry Baptism Parish Records.

From the Selattyn Parish records I have the following which was written as a small typed note:

Edward Bennion of Cym y Bwch was a Surgeon who died 27th February 1788 aged 69.  At this stage no further details of Elizabeth (nee Lewis) his wife.

The next generation becomes part of my line.

Edward Bennion born 25th March 1757

Edward married Alice Davies 2nd May 1783 at Oswestry and they had the following children.  Source: Strays from Clwyd No.1 (1986) Published by Clwyd Family History Society available

Children of Edward Bennion and Alice Davies

1.   1790 Edward son of Edward and Alice born 11th January 1790 and baptised January same year baptism date is blank, he died 9th February 1790 at Oswestry.

2.   1791 Alice born 6th May 1791 baptised June 1791 (no exact baptism date), she married William Batten so she became by great aunt x 4.

3.   1793 Edward born 1st March 1793 was baptised 7th March.

4.   1794 Edward David, born 16th? June 1794, he was baptised 1st August 1794, the record shows he was the son of Edward, Surgeon and Alice.  Edward has been reasonably easy to follow from 1828 through to his death in 1869.

5.   1796 Thomas Bennion born 21st January 1796 and baptised February (date blank)

6.   Elizabeth Bennion born 21st June 1798 and baptised at Oswestry 20th July 1798.

So far I have only followed Edward David Bennion and Alice Bennion.

Edward made his Will 18th February 1843 leaving a bequest to his grand-daughter Eliza Hephzibah Batten, his son Edward David became sole Executor and would inherit whatever was left of his father's estate.  At the time of his Will Edward was living at Summer Hill.  As there is no mention of his wife Alice I assume she had died and have no further detail of her death.  Edward died 31st July 1844.  Source: Selattyn Parish records.

Edward David Bennion 1794

The fourth child of Edward and Alice, Edward David Bennion born 6th June 1794 was part of a meeting of the "leading gentlemen" of the town which took place in 1828 to set up a Dispensary.  The gentlemen were promised donations of 160 guineas, it is unclear whether they contributed the money or if it came from other sources.  On the 1st May, 1829, the first Dispensary was opened at 8 Leighton Place, Oswestry.  The following surgeons offered their services were Messrs. Pryce Morris of Salop Road, E.D. Bennion of Castle House, and Peploe Cartwright of Church Street.  The Dispenser and Secretary was Mr. J.M. Hales and the institution was supported mostly by public collections.  Source: Isaac Watkins book on Oswestry 1920 edition. 

1835 - the  Pigot's Trade Directory for Shropshire has the following two entries under Surgeons;  Edward Bennion Racecourse, Edward David Bennion Jnr. Willow Street

1841 Census for England

On the 1841 census Edward was living at Llanvorda with his father Edward aged 80, his wife Sarah aged 35, also living with them were Edward Batten aged 20 and Eliza Batten.  Both Edward's occupations were shown as Surgeon and Edward Batten's occupation At Surgeon.  Source: HO107; Piece 915; Book 2; Folio 8; Page 3

Edward David's father also named Edward died 31st July 1844 and Edward David was the Executor to his father's Will.  The estate was no more than £100.00 and Edward David took the usual oath as executor on the 23rd April 1845.

1851 Census for England

In 1851 Edward was aged 56, his occupation General Practitioner MRCI LLCA?  The family home was Summer Hill, Llanvorda his wife Sarah aged 44.  Living with them was Elizabeth Batten (Batton) aged 29 and shown as Edward's niece. They had two House Servants, Mary Jones and Jane Richards, a Groom, Evan Ellis and Elizabeth Daniel whose occupation I can not decipher.  Source: HO107; Piece 1993; Folio 436; Page 1.

1861 Census for England

The 1841 and 1851 census shows Edward Bennion without his middle name however, the 1861 census show him as Edward David aged 66.  The family is still living at Summer Hill Llanvorda and Edward is shown as Member of the College of Surgeons.  His wife Sarah aged 52, they have a Visitor N.K. (not known) staying with them named Mary Davies, would this be a relation as his mother's maiden name was Davies.  This census shows the family with three servants, Ann Evans, Dairy Maid, Elizabeth Owens, House Maid and Evan Ellis is still their groom. 

The 1861 census also shows that Summer Hill has a cottage and living in Summer Hill Cottage are Elizabeth Batten, Widow aged 45, house holder N.K.  Living with Elizabeth was Edward B Batten aged 18, John Batten aged 16, John Batten aged 9 the three boys being her sons.  Elizabeth also had a daughter Elizabeth aged 12 living at the same address.  Edward's sister Alice married William Batten so Elizabeth would have been a relation.

On the 21st November 1868 aged 74 Edward had an entry in the British Medical Journal which reads: "Shropshire, Bennion, Edward David, Esq., Oswestry, page 560

Edward David Bennion died in 1869 aged 75 and this time I do not know what happened to his wife Sarah.


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