Evans families of Redhouse and Bryndderwen, Trefeglwys

Hi thank you for opening this page on the Evans families.  This part of my research was a nightmare and making sense of it was difficult.  There are three Evans families connected to the Hamer family.  David Evans of Redhouse, Trefeglwys as far as I am aware was the father of Ursula Evans who eventually married Thomas Hamer.  Then we have William Evans whose daughter Hannah married David Hamer whose son also called David married Sarah Evans of Oerle.  Therefore, through parenthood and marriage the families of Redhouse, Bryndderwen and Oerle, were linked.  To make everything more difficult there were three William Evans.

The population graph below was taken with permission from http://history.powys.org.uk/school1/llanidloes/trefpop.shtml


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My Direct Line

1. David Evans c1762 - 17th July 1822

2.  Ursula Evans c1786 - 2nd September 1859 (Married Thomas Hamer)

3.  David Hamer c1811 - 11th January 1848

4.  David Hamer 31st March 1848 - 18th November 1920

5.  William Hamer 15th February 1870 - 18th November 1920

6.  Margaret Ann Hamer 6th November 1899

7.  David Harris 24th May 1925 - 24th January 2003

8.  Me

Can you help? Looking for David Evan's parents/grandparents

The Evans's of Redhouse, Trefeglwys are the most likely source of the money that passed to the Hamer's.  David Evans was born about 1762 he married Sarah Meddins who was born 1756 she was baptised 25th June 1756 at Penstrowed.  At this time, I know of three of their children there may have been more.  My understanding now is that David and Sarah only had daughters.  

Ursula Evans born c1786 apparently married Thomas Hamer.  At this time I have not been able to verify this.  However if this is correct then her details will be covered under Thomas Hamer.

The first daughter I found and able to verify was Margaret and she was born about 1788 and died on the 27th August 1792 aged four, she is buried at St Michaels Church.  Whilst this grave was brought for Margaret, tragically, it was also used for David Hamer, his wife Hannah and their daughter Hannah.  

Mary Evans born about 1796 at Redhouse she married Thomas Kinsey on 15th April 1820.  Thomas was born on 25th March 1773 at Llanidloes and Thomas and Mary had at least five children.  The Kinsey family are documented on the internet therefore I will not be following this link.  Mary and Thomas lived at Maesmawr and generations later members of the Kinsey family still reside there. (I would like to thank Lavinia for supplying this information).

David and Sarah Evans are buried in the grave next to their daughter Margaret who is buried with the Hamer family at St Michaels. David and Sarah both died at Redhouse.  Sarah died on the 17th June 1821, aged 64 and David died on 17th July, 1822 aged 60.  Ref: MR/MI/60 Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society.

My understanding of the estate of David Evans is that is was left to his assigned son-in-laws, at this time I am still trying to get to grips with this.

The Map below shows Trefeglwys with Bryndderwen towards the top, Red House lower right hand side and Ty Mawr lower left hand side.



My direct Line

1.  William Evans c1783

2.  Hannah Evans c1813 - 09/02/1849 (married David Hamer)

3.  David Hamer 31st March 1848 - 18th November 1920

4.  William Hamer 15th February 1870 - 18th November 1920

5.  Margaret Ann Hamer 6th November 1899

6.  David Harris 24th May 1925 - 24th January 2003

7.  Me

Can you help? Looking for William Evans parents/grandparents, details of William's marriage and can anyone tell me Hannah's maiden name?

William Evans was born 1783 at Carno married to Hannah no surname at this time and no date of marriage.  I understand William and Hannah moved to Bryndderwen about 1820. 

On the 1841 census William aged 55, his wife Hannah aged 60, sons William aged 30, Richard aged 20 and daughter Mary aged 16 where all living at Bryndderwen.  The 1841 census does not give much information and this entry was over two pages the bottom of page 12 and the top of page 13.  Source: HO 107/1436/10

The 1851 census gives far more information and tells us that Bryndderwen had 120 acres.   William and Hannah in addition to having son William living at home were bringing up their grandchildren Ann and David Hamer.  Ann was 6 and David 3 this must have been very tiring for the Evans's because William was 65 and Hannah 70.  On this census Hamer was transcribed as Hamner.  In addition on this census their granddaughter Jane Edwards aged 3 was living with them.  Jane was the daughter of Mary who had left home and was married to Evan Edwards.  What is interesting about this census entry is that Evan Orells was living and working as an agricultural labourer and he was 16 at the time.  Eventually he became Mary's second husband.  This was the last census William appeared on as he died on the 3rd July 1859 at the age of 76.  Source: H.O./2496 (pages 9 and 10).

The big change on the 1861 census is that William Evans the son is now the head of the family his mother Hannah is 85 and his niece Anne Hamer is 16 and his nephew David is 13.  This time Hamer was transcribed as Hammer.  Source: R.G. 9/4246.

Hannah Evans lived until she was 90, died 16th August 1870, and therefore does not appear on the 1871 census.  This census lists William as the head aged 61, his niece Anne Hamer was 26 and the housekeeper.  Hannah is buried in a family grave at St Michael's with her husband William and two of their sons Evan and Richard.  Source: R.G.10/5610.

By the 1881 census, the acreage of Bryndderwen had increased to 140 acres.  William is listed as head aged 73.  The big difference is that Anne Hamer has now married and her husband John Griffiths is listed as Assistant Farmer and nephew-in-law.  Anne and John have two children William aged 8 and Hannah aged 6.  Source: RGH/5482

The map below shows both Bryndderwen lower middle and Oerle top middle.

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