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The Hamer family 1600 - 1859 


This research and journey was at times frustrating and very hard to start however, occasionally a project takes on a life of its own.  I did not know very much about my Hamer family apart from my Nan Margaret Ann Harris (nee Hamer) and my Auntie Gladys there seemed little to tell.  How wrong was I?   This journey led me to the Evans families of Bryndderwen, Oerle and Redhouse, Trefeglwys, who I did not know existed but each of these families linked by birth or marriage.  The links between these families has not always been easy to prove however, some links have.  I have been researching the Hamer family since 2003 and this research in still continuing.

The name Hamer originally is thought came from Lancashire but it appears that Hamer's have lived in Wales since the early 1600’s and can be found in Montgomeryshire and Radnorshire.   At this time I have not linked my Hamer’s of Montgomeryshire to those of Radnorshire, but it is thought amongst family members that migration was from Radnorshire to Montgomeryshire.  The Montgomeryshire family settled around the Llandinam area.

Transcriptions can show them as Hamer, Hamar, Hamor or Hammer.  From reading extracts of Edward Hamer‘s book “A Parochial Account” he suggests that there is a Flemish influence and if you look at the IGI Hamer’s can be found in Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Switzerland, at this time I have not explored these possibilities.

I decided July 2008 that my Hamer web page should be divided into two, the first page will cover 1600 - 1859 and there will be some overlap with the second page which will cover 1811 - 1970.  The first page covers David c1682 of Penstrowed, James c1707, David c1739/40 and Thomas c1776 of Llandinam Hall, this allows me then to concentrate on the second page starting with David c1811 and continuing with David 1848, William 1870 my great grandfather and my grandmother Margaret Ann 1899.  I should mention that as of January 2010 I have found Hamer’s as far back as 1634 in the Llandinam area, however at this point I have not connected them to my Hamer’s although I am assuming they must have some connection.  At this time my journey starts late 1600’s with David of Penstrowed.  

NOTE:  to make it easier for the reader I will refer to the individual branches of the Hamer family by the place they lived i.e. David Hamer of Penstrowed or James Hamer of Carnedd.

Through www.genesreunited.co.uk I was contacted by Megan who is the grand-daughter of Anne Hamer.  Megan then introduced me to Mal who is the son of Franklin Hamer and together we were able to build a good family tree.  Also through Genes I was contacted by Richard who is the grandson of Sarah Edith Hamer and he has supplied me with an account of how harsh his grandmother's life was.  Sarah Edith's generation were a tough bunch very rarely complained and firmly believed when they died they would go to 'heaven'.  The majority of the Hamer's were very religious although some of their behaviour was not always Christian!  I also found in 2009 that David and Thomas Hamer had strong Wesleyan connections and also raised funds in the early days for the Wesleyan movement.  

After joining the Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society http://home.freeuk.net/montgensoc I was contacted by Martyn who is an absolute treasure and his knowledge and the information he supplied me with has been incredible. 

The research on various families in 2009 became very intense and I deliberately took a break from September until the end of the year, though December I was busy installing my new computer.  In January 2010 the start of a new decade and I made a point of wishing a Happy New Year to all my family history contacts and thanking them for their help during the past year.  Why am I telling you this?  Because one of my contacts remembered a photo copy she had been given which related to the Hamer’s and graciously sent me a copy.

This five page document was researched and typed I believe by David Hamer who was born 20th August 1844 who had researched and knew some of the Hamer’s between 1850-1930.  This is interesting because he clearly links my line to others and shows which cousins married each other which of course kept the wealth in the family.  For the purpose of my research I am going to refer to this David Hamer as “my author”, this will also help to distinguish him from the other Hamer’s known as David.

My thanks to Carolyn for sending me this document and to all those knowledgeable people who have help made this a truly absorbing hobby. 

NOTE:  I have only used people’s first names in order to protect their identity.   

There are many other families that are linked to the Hamer's including the Kinsey's, Meddins and Savage families however, I have no immediate plans to cover these but you will see their names appear from time to time. 

From October 2010 – July 2011, I had to take a break because I was diagnosed with breast cancer and although thankfully I am clear of the cancer it has left me with other health issues which I will not go into here.


My direct Line 

1.    David Hamer c1682 – c1730

2.    James Hamer 10th July 1707 - 1785 

3.    David Hamer 1741 - 11th May 1828 aged 87 

4.    Thomas Hamer c1776 - 23rd May 1858 

5.    David Hamer c1811 - 11th January 1848 

6.    David Hamer 31st March 1848 - 18th November 1920 

7.    William Hamer 15th February 1870 - 18th November 1960 

8.    Margaret Ann Hamer born 6th November 1899 my grandmother 

9.    David Harris 24th May 1925 - 24th January 2003 

10.  Me

David Hamer c1682? guessing at this stage 

David lived at Glan Hafren, Penstrowed and was described as a Gent he was married to Elizabeth and at this stage I do not have her surname.   I have no idea of David's birth or where he was born.  Neither do I have any details of his marriage to Elizabeth from the dates of his children’s baptisms I would suggest their marriage took place early 1700.  He was my great-grandfather x 7 this would make me a 10th generation Hamer.   

As far as I can tell David and Elizabeth had the following children.   

Richard (no details to dates or birth or where he was born) 

James born 10th July 1707, baptised 16th July 1707 

Elizabeth born 17th January 1710, baptised 25th January 1710 

David born 9th February 1713, baptised 13th February 1712

Hester (no details)

Samuel baptised 4th August 1715, buried 28th August 1716 

Joseph baptised 30th November 1716 

Hanna baptised 13th March 1719 

James, Elizabeth and David where born and baptised in Newtown, Samuel, Joseph and Hanna where baptised at Llanllwchaiarn, Montgomeryshire. 

Source:  Baptisms Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society 

David of Penstrowed made his Will 26th October 1729 and a codicil was made 2nd December 1729.  Although I do not have the actual date of death his Will was proved 11th April 1730 so his death was between 2nd December 1729 and 11th April 1730.  He left to his wife Elizabeth for her life the property known as Glanhaveren.  The property was then left to his eldest son Richard.  This was common at that time to leave your property to your eldest son.  David of Penstrowed left several requests to his other children in his will.

Brief details of David’s and Elizabeth’s children as follows:

Richard as previously stated I have no details of birth or baptism.  His son and heir was Athelustan Hamer and I mention this because his name appears in several documents relating to the Hamer family but at this time I will not be following Athelustan as he is not my direct line.

James Hamer born 10th July 1707 and is my great grandfather x 6 and referred in his mother’s will dated the 12th December 1733 as her son.  The few details I have on him will appear below.

Elizabeth born 17th January 1710 married Thomas Cowdale.

David born 9th February 1713, referred in father’s will as the 3rd son and was left £100.00 on attaining the age of 21 and he was left £10.00 by his mother.

Samuel baptised 4th August 1715 died in infancy and was buried 28th August 1716.

Hester no birth or baptism details at this time but I believe she married Thomas Meredith.

Joseph baptised 30th November 1716 and referred to in father’s will as his 4th son he received £100.00 on attaining the age of 21 and he was left £20.00 from his mother’s will.

Hannah baptised 13th March 1719 (no further details)

The three girls received £60.00 each from their father’s will on attaining the age of 21.  It would appear from the wording of their father’s will that David, Joseph, and Hester were all under 21 when their father died.  Although I am guessing at this time, David of Penstrowed would have been in his mid forties when he died.

James Hamer 1707-1785 

James Hamer as far as I can tell had six children

Richard, James, David (my line), Samuel, Joseph and Hester (details to follow). 

David Hamer born c1741 died 11th May 1828 aged 87 or as the records show in his 88th year 

David Hamer was the third son of James Hamer and was born c 1741.  David married Susanna Cleaton and they were the parents of my great grandfather x 5, Thomas Hamer, my great grandfather was their fourth child.   Susanna Cleaton was born c1743. 

David Hamer was described on his marriage licence as a single man and yeoman of Llanllwchaiarn.  He was married by banns at Llandinam 4th February 1766; the Licence was dated 5th February 1766.  His wife Susanna was described on the marriage certificate as a single woman from Llandinam.  The family lived at Carnedd and therefore referred to as David of Carnedd. 

Both David and Susanna are buried at the Parish Church of St Llonio, Llandinam and their Inscription reads:  “David Hamer of Carnedd 11 May 1828 aged 88 {BR: David HAMER, of Carnedd, buried May 15th 1828 aged 87} & Susannah his wife 9 Jan 1826 aged 84 {BR: Susannah HAMER, of Carneth, buried Jan 14 1826 aged 83}.  As often found, note the inconsistency in spellings.  Source:  MR/MI/18 Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society.

The family of David Hamer and Susanna Cleaton