William Francis born Selattyn, Shropshire

The 1901 census for England lists William as head of the family aged 44 and a Widower.  His wife Sarah had died in 1898.  It is hard to make out the writing of the address, but it looks like “City”, Hengoed although that is probably not correct.  Living at home with their father was George aged 16, Jane aged 11, Elizabeth aged 9, Thomas aged 7 and Edith aged 4.  The census shows William (my Great Grandad) was listed as a worker, occupation given as Gardener and his brother George was also listed as a worker with his occupation given as Labourer Farm.

The Francis family were a bit of a mystery so at this stage I have concentrated on my Great Gran and Grandad.

My Grandad lost his mother when she died in () this had a devastating effect on his lifestyle and at the age of 12 he had to leave school and go out to work.  This did not stop his hunger for self-improvement, and he taught himself to write in a beautiful hand remarkably like Calligraphy.

I believe that he also had shares in a local company unfortunately the company concerned did the “dirty on him” when he was away during World War 1 and he lost them.  I cannot go into further detail until I can prove one way or another what happened.

My Grand-dad William Edward Francis married Mary Jane Groves and although I write very fondly of my grand-dad he died when I was four.  The family stories are sketchy and as we all get older, they become much diluted. 

NB: Family history is complicated, and my family is no exception William Edward Francis is actually my Great Grandad, but I was brought believing that he was my Grandad, I was 17 before I learned the truth.